New Recorder Music 2016

Composition Competition


Category A

  • 1st prize
    Mr. Karsadi Donny, Indonesia, 30 years
    Silent prayer for alto recorder
  • 2nd prize (ex-aequo)
    Mr. Zafra Jacques, Mexico, 29 years
    Für Altblockflöte
    Mr. Arroyo Juan, Peru, 34 years
    Arqa for amplified Paetzold recorder contrabass in C
  • 3rd prize
    Mr. Azizol Ainolnaim, Malaysia, 28 years
    Nadi Bumi for amplified alto recorder

Catégorie B
Admitted to the final competition:

  • 1st prize
    Mr. Jaccottet Guy-Baptiste, Switzerland, 18 years
    Chanson dans le sang for bass recorder and organ
  • 2nd prize
    Mr. Kesler Ivo, Romania, 15 ans
    Milarepa for three tenor recorders
  • 3rd prize
    Mr. Köhring Linus, Austria, 16 years
    Sonnenaufgang in einer Cognac-Flasche for alto recorder and viola

for category B and prize winner concert

Saturday 24.09. 2016, 8pm
Eglise Saint-Laurent de Lausanne (Switzerland)
Distribution of the prizes by the jury.

Concert recorded by the radio RTS Espace2

OPTIONS for the score

  • SOLO

    Solo piece for recorder (also Paetzold recorder), intended to be played by a professional recorder player, amplification accepted, no other form of electronics permitted.

    For composers of Category A only.

  • DUET

    Duet for recorder and another instrument, without electronics

    For composers of Categories A and B.


    Recorder ensemble, without electronics.

    For composers of Categories A and B

All the pieces except the solo piece are intended to be played by children and young adults from 8 to 18 years of age. Therefore the challenge for the composers who write a duet or a recorder ensemble is to adapt the technical difficulty to the level of young players without neglecting the artistic standard of the composition.

Contemporary musical language is to be preferred, in order to allow the interpreters to discover and familiarise themselves with today’s universe of new sounds.


Category A

1st prize: CHF 2’500.-
2nd prize: CHF 1’500.-
3rd prize: CHF 1’000.-

Category B

1st prize: CHF 500.-
2nd prize: CHF 300.-
3rd prize: CHF 200.-
  • The winners also benefit from an professional recording of their piece.
  • The jury will distribute the prizes after the winner’s concert which will take place the 24th. of September 2016 in Lausanne (Switzerland).
  • The jury may divide or not award a prize.


Wolfram SCHURIG, Austria, President
Carola BAUCKHOLT, Germany
Nadir VASSENA, Switzerland
Conrad STEINMANN, Switzerland
Antonio POLITANO, Italy

The jury is free in its decision making. All the decisions of the jury are final and no appeal against them is possible.

The organier reserves the right to find replacement jury members as seen necessary.


Competitors will send an envelope bearing a freely chosen 5-sign code. As the candidate must remain anonymous to the Jury, no name must be shown on the envelope.

The envelope must contain the following documents :

  • Six scores, each one bearing the same 5-sign code, but no name
  • A second envelope, sealed, bearing the 5-sign code, but no name.
    This envelope will contain a brief biography, the sheet with personal information, two current photos and official proof of the candidate’s age (photocopy of passport or identity card)

All documents are to be sent by 01.02.2016 (date of postal stamp) to the following address :
Association Flauto Dolce Lausanne
Case postale 137
CH – 1073 Savigny


  • CHF 50.- for composers of Category A
  • CHF 30.- for composers of Category B

The fee must be paid by 01.02.2016 to the account :
Association Flauto Dolce Lausanne
CCP : 17-4777067-6
IBAN : CH86 0900 0000 1747 7067 6

Registration becomes effective only after receipt of the fee.


  • Scores will not be returned.
  • The organiser assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to scores.
  • The prize-winning composition remains the full property of its author.
  • By virtue of participating in the competition, each competitor accepts all the conditions of the competition.


If you have any questions, please contact us!

Association Flauto Dolce Lausanne
Case postale 137
CH – 1073 Savigny